Monday, April 03, 2006

N the stacks - introduction

This blog is set up to demonstrate the possible uses of podcasting for information literacy lessons. This series of podcasts, "N the Stacks", are my musings on Information Literacy (IL) and IL instruction. Hopefully, these podcasts will serve as examples. The goal of this series is to produce sample tracks that may be of interest to librarians and students of library and information science. Check back soon for the introduction podcast.


eleckbee said...

I like the little jazz intro you use - what is that?

I listened to the first program on iTunes and without realizing it, when it ended it started playing some dub - I said to myself "Sweet, Regina put some sweet dub on her podcast - excellent". Only then did I realize that itunes had just gone on to the next song in my library when the program stopped. Oh well.

eleckbee said...

oops, that comment was meant for the section above.


Regina said...

Yes, dub would have been good too.
I used the canned "jingle" available in Garageband called "the bossa short". You can use your own "intro" and "outro" but I chose the easy option. I knew I wanted something jazzy and bossa was my first choice. I had some help with this too as we played around with the decrescendo and crescendo in an audio editting program called "Peak".
I used the same intro and outro for all podcasts for uniformity of the series.