Monday, April 03, 2006

N the Stacks - Episode 1 : Musings, can this work for IL?

Well, here is the first episode of "N the stacks". I hope you find the ideas interesting. The first hurdle was figuring out how to record the file and getting help in doing so. Part of this process has included research on the topic of podcasting. I found out that there are many possible ways to get this done. I also found out that collaboration with other interested information specialists was essential to my success in getting this done in a timely fashion. Fortunately for me, this collaboration enabled me to learn more about the post production process and possibilities than I might not have discovered on my own. Thanks go out to Kimberly Hayworth for her technical assistance and encouragement.

Click here for the mp3 file of Episode 1 of "N the Stacks".
This was recorded on March 20, 2006. / 1:55 minutes


Tamara said...

Regina - this sounds so professional! You have great voice quality and the music makes it sound very slick. I like the 'news' format, breaking the information into little 'articles' with a lead in. It engages me and makes me really look forward to hearing about this upcoming interview.

Regina said...

Thank you Tamara,
I hope you have time to listen to the interview. See you soon.