Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Marketing Library Services

This next podcast is an invitation to librarians and subject specialists. It also serves as a sample of how podcasts can be used to market library services, sending out announcements, making library web pages or library blogs more dynamic.

Invitation to SULAIR bibliographers.

1:49 minutes
Transcript of podcast here.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Podcast Production Pointers

This podcast covers production and post-production considerations. This interview/discussion covers microphones, other equipment, editing of sound files, and general suggestions for demystifying podcasting production.

Here is Regina's interview with Kimberly Hayworth of Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources. Kimberly has consulted with Regina on the previous podcasts and has edited the sound files of many of the podcasts in this blog. This podcast covers production and post-production considerations.

Listen to the interview
/ 12:07 minutes
Transcript of the interview
Show Notes

This sound file is intended to assist librarians in their planning and production of podcast programs. Thanks for listening - Regina

Kimberly has a podcast series as well which can be accessed here.